Loving L.L.Bean totes

Ok this one may come as a surprise and it does surprise me a little since I'm not usually one to dab in preppy style however I have recently developed an addiction for L.L.Bean totes. They are amazingly versatile, super sturdy, and you can personalise them with a choice of monogram, handle length, colour etc etc. What's not to love?

You see loads of these totes in the US, where it is a staple of East Coast fashion, however in the UK I've only ever seen Americans use them. Maybe it is because people think they can't be ordered here? Well the good news is they ship to the UK and you get your bag in record time with UPS: I ordered three totes on tuesday, all with monogram, and they arrived this morning.

This style, called the Boat and Tote, is quite inexpensive so one can afford to have a couple, in different sizes and colours. I've ordered a couple for me, one in large size and one in medium, one for my little sister and one for my mother. I love that there are over nine monogramming styles to choose from, it makes for really personal gifts.

Here are a few uses I can think of for this incredible tote:
Sports bag
Beach bag
Nappy bag
Laundry bag
Book bag (it is tested to carry a few hundred pounds!)
Grocery bag

Order it online on http://www.llbean.com
The medium size (bottom three on my picture) is $20.95
The large size (top one) is $24.95

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