Packing for a week-end in the country

In a very un-me fashion, when it comes to travelling with baby, I have not been very adventurous... Seeing how we used to travel most week-ends before being parents, this self-imposed confinement has been very tough on hubby dearest and me, and we're itching to resume our getaways... Still, we needed to make sure he got into his routine first and also that we would be organised enough to survive out of our home for more than ten hours.

And finally I am glad to say that this time has come (or at least I like to think it has)! Little baba is sleeping through the night (ok, he has on the past four nights, but I'm taking an optimistic stance) and has graduated from the Bugaboo's carry-cot into the seat. We've traded hubby dearest's BMW Series 1 for a small four-wheeler with enough room for the buggy, the playgym, a thousand nappies, three bagloads of baby clothes and burping muslins, so I think it's fair to say we're as ready as we'll ever be. So we're off to spend Easter week-end in the Cotswolds (baby steps, so that trip to China will have to wait just a little longer!), at Barnsley House, which my friends tell me is quite a nice country retreat. All I need now is to pack some of my country week-end essentials and we'll be off!

First on my list is a little padded jacket by Anya Hindmarch for Barbour. Not since that dreaded Easter week-end in Edinburgh years ago (it actually snowed) do I trust the spring weather to be merciful to me on this island, so I'll be packing my Minx jacket and a couple of cashmere jumpers. What's lovely about this jacket is that like all Barbour designs it is light yet waterproof, and on top of everything it has the little bow design from Anya Hindmarch to add some style and some really quirky pocket labels inside.
Anya Hindmarch for Barbour jacket, £249 at http://www.my-wardrobe.com/

Just because I'm off to the country doesn't mean I'm forfeiting heels completely either. Now don't scream, I'm leaving my beloved Loubies 4-inchers at home, I'm not that crazy... However I'm not tall enough or thin enough to be happy walking around in wellies, they make my legs look like they belong to a garden gnome (I know gnomes are all the rage now thanks to that animated movie but really I don't think that look works for me). Instead I'll be taking my trusted Swedish Hasbeens clog booties, which give me a little height whilst still being very comfortable to walk in.
High heeled booties around SEK 2800 at http://www.swedishhasbeens.com/

I'll be adding some a couple of jeans and some floral print blouses. Also on my packing list are a cashmere and silk shawl, some sunscreen (you never know...), and a cute bikini as I'm told Barnsley House has a nice little pool. Maybe a dress for the evening but since our tiny one goes to sleep at 7pm on the dot, I don't think we'll be dining in the restaurant much...


featherfactor said...

I love that Anya jacket! I wear my classic Barbour all the time but love the bow stitching in this one...thank you for sharing! Just clicked over to my-wardrobe to take a closer look :)

Lattes and Juice said...

I have been eyeing that Anya Barbour coat for months but still can't make up my mind.

Little S said...

It's very practical and pretty, but not very edgy that's for sure :-) I like the preppy style of it and to be honest if mixed with more modern pieces it looks quite funky.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, have fun and do give us your opinion about the hotel! Interested if it is children friendly!!