Peep toes will always be my favourite office shoes

Although I don't work in a fashion-related business, I am forever in love with fashion and style and I always try to put effort into my looks, especially in the office. And, as my return to work looms, I have been thinking of new footwear that would work well for my new working mum status. I have to admit that I'm less in love with towering heels these days, except for special occasions, and prefer the 3-4 inch arena (then again that qualify as pretty towering for some...!) as they are very practical and comfortable to wear all day.

As I have short legs and small feet, I think peep toes are the best shoe shape for me, as they show enough flesh to be interesting yet remain on the right side of the line. There are no straps to distract the eye, which lengthens the leg. They are also good to take to an office where sandals are frowned upon (although I've been known to wear the odd Hermès sandal to meetings in August, but come on they are Hermès and most of my client meetings take place in Southern Europe where the heat allows for a little bit of flexibility).

Check out the last pair of Christian Louboutin that has come to join my little collection: it's black and middle-heeled yet the watersnake skin adds a little something to this style. I can see them working from winter to summer, which is a good thing considering the extortionate cost... I would recommend visiting the Knighstbridge shop or the Harrods concession rather than the Mayfair boutique (full of tourists and snotty sales assistants) or the Harvey Nichols corner (one of the sales people in charge of that concession has such bad BO that I can't focus on choosing a pair of shoes everytime I venture in there...)
Christian Louboutin
23 Motcomb Street

London SW1

I also recently visited Rupert Sanderson for a special VIP customers preview of the Fall-Winter 2011 collections and even though I ordered two pairs from the upcoming styles I also fell for this gorgeous nude and gold peep toe pair, which will work splendidly with my summer neutrals. Here you can go to any of the London shops, the sales people are adorable and nice-smelling everywhere :-)
Rupert Sanderson
19 Bruton Place
London W1

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