Back to nature with Geodesis candles

A while ago I stumbled over the Cologne & Cotton boutique on Fulham Road and as I browsed the floor shop with no particular goal and the sales assistant drowsily looked over, I discovered something which made me squeal in delight (to the stupor of the poor girl who was startled out of her daydreams...): Geodesis candles!

At this point I realise that unless I provide a little explanation presto, you will undoubtedly categorise me not only as a fashion addict but also a candle fetishist. So here goes: back when I was a student and had only just met Hubby Dearest, I discovered these candles at a garden centre near our apartment and our home was filled with Fir Balsam during the winter months and Figuier in the summer. I loved the natural scent of these babies and how each fragrance is sourced from a special region in the world. So, finding Geodesis again brought back memories from a very happy and carefree time in my life.

Of course I wasn't going to bore the salesgirl senseless with this detailed explanation, I just expressed my pleasure by stocking up on Mimosa and Fir Balsam candles, as well as a Figuier home fragrance spray, which is coming particularly handy after I've steamed some broccoli for Monsieur Baby's purées!

Cologne & Cotton
791 Fulham Road
SW6 London
0 207 736 9261


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