A perfect afternoon in Mayfair

Whilst London has many wonderful shopping streets, nothing quite compares with a little outing to Mayfair. It has that glamorous feel that only dozens of high-end designer boutiques packed together in a continuous array of pure luxury can achieve... If one makes the mistake of going there with a full wallet and an empty shopping list the damage could be quite painful! I for one find it best to go there on a mission, and avoid the neighbourhood for my general browsing trips. 

Recently however I have found myself in the Bond Street area quite a few times! One of Hubby Dearest's watches keeps getting sent for servicing to the Watches of Switzerland shop there and Monsieur Baby and I have been tagging along for the ride...

So instead of going without a goal in mind, I decided to take my Yellow Saint-Louis tote bag to Goyard for some personalisation to the Mount Street boutique. The gentleman who assisted us was absolutely adorable and advised me on which stripe size to get and took my handbag to be customised in the next few weeks. I will post a picture in here to see what you all think when it's back. Of course I had to give in to one tiny temptation whilst I was there, buying a new small Saint-Louis in a colour I've been eyeing for months: dark blue... but I absolutely had to: with the yellow missing for a few weeks, I was going to have a hole on one of my bag shelves!
116 Mount Street
London W1
0 207 478 9900

Then we all strolled down to Bond Street to get Hubby Dearest's watch, before venturing into the Burlington Arcade to look at the shop windows. This is my favourite arcade in London, with its antique jewellery dealers, cashmere boutiques, glove emporium,... At the Vilebrequin shop, we bought a matching set of swimming trunks for Monsieur Baby and his adored daddy, an early Father's day gift from me. 
Burlington Arcade, Unit 1/2
London W1
0 207 499 6558

After an afternoon of relatively modest spending, we sat down at a table in Cecconi's where we ordered a couple of delicious Bellinis: I love the atmosphere of this Italian restaurant just by the arcade, as well as the fabulous food (for proper lunch or dinner make sure you book well in advance!). We watched the world go by for a few moments, and soon it was time to go home for bathtime,...
5A Burlington Gardens
London W1
0 207 434 1500


Alexa said...

Fantastic post! I love London; it really is one of my favourite cities to visit! I can never swing by without stopping at Bond St :P

Can't wait to see what your Goyard looks like! x


Little S said...

Thanks! I also can't wait to get my St Louis back!

deuxarmoires said...

Mount Street is one of my favorite streets in London! I love the Mount Street Deli there too. Oh, and of course browsing the antique jewelries (and Globetrotter suitcases) at Burlington Arcade. Can't wait to see your personalized yellow Goyard ... and congrats on the blue one.