We're back from Morocco, but not without a few goodies!

Monsieur Baby and I have returned from our home in Morocco a few days ago, and as always I brought back a few goodies from the old neighbourhood of Habbous in Casablanca. It is a little block of narrow alleys where most Moroccan arts and crafts are represented, and whilst this is not a big souk like the one behind Jemaa el Fna in Marrakech, it is lovely and a great source of traditional pieces for tourists and locals.

This time, I brought back a couple of engraved silver platters, a restored antique teapot, some slippers, some spices (they are hard to find in London and taste better in Morocco), and a couple of cookbooks. I've decided to make the most of our new kitchen and cook some of my childhood recipes, even though I know I'll never be able to prepare anything which measures up to my memories...

Other things that are good to bring back if you visit are sabra fabric, traditional woven rugs, multi coloured tea glasses, tadelakt pottery and pastries (you should invite a group of friends to share them with you as they pack about 1,000 calories a pop and are seriously addictive!) Leather items are best avoided as sometimes the skin used is not properly treated and you end up bringing home a whole load of goat smelling leather! Also be sure to give fake goods a miss: there are plenty of shops and street sellers offering fake Gucci, Dior etc., from sunglasses to handbags, but these are never in fashion (if you can't afford the real thing my moto is to give it a miss altogether).

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