Davina dress by L.K.Bennett: a fantastic interpretation of the classic shift

After six months on baby leave, going back to work fulltime brought a mix of emotions and fears, from feeling horribly guilty every morning as I walk out the door at 6:15 (will Monsieur Baby survive without his Mamma constantly by his side!) to fearing that I might have forgotten how to do my job, and would I be able to grasp everything that happened in the markets I cover since last December... On the other hand I also felt pretty pleased to interact with adults all day and solve issues that had nothing to do with carrot puree or whether Monsieur Baby wants to play on his mat or on the jumperoo.

Don’t get me wrong, we do a lot of playing every week-end (only now I truly enjoy it as opposed to viewing it as part of my mummy job) and I still insist on doing all the puree’ing myself every evening, even though we have a very competent nanny: more on that on a later post, I promise I’ll tell you all about the joy of making endless batches of baby food from 100% organic produce when really all my body wants to do after twelve hours at work is curl on the sofa and watch The Good Wife.

But to be honest, all of these emotions were pretty expected and quite extensively documented in the numerous books and articles I’d read before Monsieur Baby’s arrival (I don’t do half as much reading now... too sleepy!). What I didn’t expect was the back-to-school-need-a-new-outfit feeling that I’d forgotten all about since leaving business school: you know, how we all wanted new clothes come August 30 to make sure we embraced the new challenges of the school year feeling adequately attired and hoping to be taken seriously by our peers. Well, that is what hit me around May, when I decided it was time to stock up on new clothes that would display my sense of fashion in a way that would be acceptable on a trading floor. Sadly, I still haven’t cracked the code of working in a fashion house and affording the handbags that they send down the runway, so it’s trading floor for me for the foreseeable future (if you have, please write in, I'm quite interested obviously!)

I think that shift dresses fit this purpose perfectly, allowing me to get dressed very quickly in the morning, and spend the day looking professional yet feminine, plus they have the added bonus of adapting easily from day to evening with a change of accessories. My current favourite is the Davina dress at L.K.Bennett. Seeing how many sizes are sold out I guess they are a favourite of many other fashionistas out there, but if you browse online you’re bound to find most sizes still (check out John Lewis or House of Fraser). We were in the Notting Hill shop a few weeks ago and Hubby Dearest commented that I hadn't bought anything from them in a couple of years, which is true, as I felt the shoes were not up to scratch and the clothes were not really my style, however I feel everything has changed now, with more current designs which are ideal for work, and shoes that seem to resist even my most intense walks across airport terminals. I own the Davina in Midnight and Dark Pinstriped Grey, and I like it so much I am thinking of stocking up on a couple more colours; surely if they bring out a plum colour, I'll be all over it in a second!

£195 (summer crepe) to £225 (winter wool)


Mona P said...

I saw this dress in one of the L. K. Bennett stores last week, and thought that the cut was very flattering.

Thanks for the review!

deuxarmoires said...

I also did most of the purees with organic veggies and fruits when DD was a baby. I made tons and tons, placed them in small containers and froze them. Actually, many expats who come to Switzerland are surprised by how few processed baby food are available in supermarkets. They finally learn that most Swiss make them at home.

rach_t said...

That looks like a classic piece! I can just picture it with some gorgeous statement jewellery and a gorgeous big bag!!
hope you post some pic's of you in it!
Would luv to see how u style it up :)

LittleS said...

@ Mona P, @ rach_t, thanks a mil, it is a lovely dress. I've got to sit down and do some proper pics of me in it but don't think Hubby Dearest will be amused if I wake him at 6:00am to be photographed for my blog... lol!

@ deux armoires, I do all the cooking for DS, to be honest it makes me feel good to know he is eating healthily whilst I'm at work.