Home refurbishment: A very grown-up sitting area

If you've visited a few Victorian houses in London's Fulham neighbourhood, you know that most of them have a very similar layout on the ground floor, with a long sitting area in the front of the house followed by a kitchen at the back towards the small patio backyard... Very often, you can spot the presence of young children in the houses where the said sitting area is nothing but one or two sofas thrown amidst a sea of toys and playmats.

When we were viewing houses with Hubby Dearest, I mentioned that I objected to our love of decor being hijacked this way just because we were to be new parents, and that I wanted to have two very separate sitting areas with one being dedicated to relaxed activities and kids play, whilst the other would be more grown-up and glamorous. I wanted a child-friendly home, not a gigantic nursery!

A year later, you can see our relaxed lounge in one of my previous posts, here. Even there the toys are not thrown everywhere and they are stored away every evening once Monsieur Baby has gone to sleep, leaving only his Jumperoo. And now for the grown-up sitting lounge, which is organised around the fireplace, with lighter colours of taupe grey and turquoise. It has a completely separate feel from the TV lounge, and yet has been created following similar lines, with beautiful pieces that we have accumulated over the years such as the painting of a young Jewish Moroccan girl (a very generous gift from my Mom's collection), the little painted box from Russia or the Vogue cover from the 1920s picked up somewhere around Covent Garden years ago. 

The sofas are the same old-ish ones we had in our previous flat but we had them reupholstered and had a seating area made in the window bay (which is great for storage!!)  with the same fabric. Another great storage solution is the vintage Indian wedding chest, which serves as a bar chest with our liquor bottles and Baccarat crystal tumblers. Most of the cushions are from Morocco, whilst the rug is from Bazaar Velvet on the Kings Road. 

When we bought the house, the entry door opened right into the lounge, again something that I objected to, so we had a partition wall built up to separate the entrance from our home somewhat, whilst still leaving the light to pour from one to the other via three big openings. We added a London city landscape coat rail ordered from a German designer and that was pretty much all for the entrance as we need space to park the bugaboo!

VoilĂ , that's the sitting room done, I hope you like it. 'Til another time for the rest of the house!

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deuxarmoires said...

Very, very nice and I absolutely love the shutters on the windows!

JA_UK said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I adore the window seating area and the shutters!!

rach_t said...

Hi Just found you via netmums, Lovely living room!!
When i read your blog i thought it sounded similar to myself!
Going to continue reading through all your lovely blogs now

LittleS said...

Thanks Rachel! I'm off to check out your blog...

EPC said...

lovely ! we I have the side board and side tables that go with your coffee table ! great taste ! xx