Monsieur Baby goes swimming

Monsieur Baby and I were quite the regulars at Baby Spa by Laura Sevenus when he was just a couple of months old (check out my post on Baby Spa here) and after a few months of pampering and floating around in the baby pool, I decided it was time for my little monster to move on to bigger things.

At five months, we enrolled for baby swimming lessons with Laura's daughter, Kirsten, at the Chiswick branch of Laura Sevenus Swimming Tuition (there is also a Kensington branch). We just finished our two first courses and the lessons are now in summer break, during which we'll be training in my parents' pool in Portugal.

There are quite a few things that make the LSST classes special: the water is quite warm and less chlorinated than in most pools, making it a comfy element for babies, the classes are very small (during our busiest class there were only four babies in the water), and the method used is very soft, ensuring that babies are happy at all times and develop a love of water which other classes don't necessarily guarantee. Also the environment is built around children, with plenty of feeding chairs in the ground floor area, loads of changing mats in the dressing rooms with little mobiles hanging above (trust me this is quite important when you have to manage tiny munchkins intent on rolling away from their changing mat) etc.

Another very crucial thing is that our classes are on Sundays, which means that I'm able to go swimming with Monsieur Baby every week and enjoy a special time with him despite having gone back full time to my 12-hour day job.

Admittedly, at just under seven months, Monsieur Baby still seems to enjoy floating on his back with a squeaky fish between his growing teeth more than anything else but recently I've noted he has started kicking his little legs when swimming across the pool and he definitely seems to get the hang of going under water to swim to his mamma. He is also able to float in his little ring without my support... but above all, he has a beaming smile every time we enter the pool area, and this for me is the most important thing of all. And of course, as a keen swimmer, Monsieur Baby has accumulated quite a little swim trunk collection, including this gorgeous shark model from Jojo Maman Bebe (I know, I'll never change!)

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