Mummy pilates

Now that it's back to work time, I am conscious that I need to be extra careful with my well-being and weight as I won't be walking as much as I did during my maternity leave, whilst having way too many business meals. Also I won't have any time for working out during the day so I need a very flexible busy mummy friendly workout solution. Enter Alison from the Jelly Belly team...

This aptly named company offers pilates training aimed at reducing post-pregnancy flab in tummy and other zones. One can opt for classes at one of the Jelly Belly locations, or private lessons in one's home. Babies are welcome which makes for an interesting demonstration of the mums' multi-tasking abilities! I've been seeing Alison together with a few of my mummy friends since February and now that I'm working again I've organised for her to come to my house for some private sessions. Her flexibility in terms of times is one of the most attractive things about classes with Alison: our sessions will be a mix of late evenings and week-ends, which fits perfectly into my busy travelling schedule.

If the sessions I've had are anything to go by, Jelly Belly's workout is tough on soft spots without being too violent, something that's even more important for women who, like me, had a c-section delivery. I come out of the class invigorated and with a few aching muscles, some of which I didn't know existed!

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