FA launches on Twitter

I'm starting a new exciting step in FA's life: my little blog finally has a Twitter page! I can be found at LittleS_London. Now, since I'm only mildly geeky, it took a couple of days for me to get the hang of it, but it's launched and working, and I'm trying to perfect my skills. I promise to add a picture or two in the coming days to replace the infamous purple egg!

You can follow me by using the little widget to the right (it's quite aptly called "Follow me on Twitter"...) I'm already following a heap of interesting people, blogs, designers, but hoping to discover some new things to share with you all. Let me know if you think I should follow someone!

Hoping to see you there...

1 comment:

rach_t said...

Welcome to the world of Twitter, I've been on for a month and it's quite addictive!Have now added you :)
Happy Tweeting!