Online treasures... for Monsieur Baby

One of my very first posts when I started blogging (almost two years ago!) was about how much I enjoy discovering new websites to order from (you can see this post here). Now that Monsieur Baby has arrived in my life, I have added baby websites to fashion and lifestyle ones in my list of favourite browsing topics. Here is a little sample of a few cool places I have found recently.

For baby clothes, I found Elias & Grace just the other day, and ordered a bunch of trousers, tees and shoes in greys and greens: my little munchkin grows so fast that we have to constantly renew the stock of clothes for him (to be honest this is not really a nuisance for me, quite the contrary!), though not sure why I keep ordering shoes for him as he seems to hate them and pushes them out of his little feet the minute we manage to put them on. The choice is amazingly broad, there is good size availability and the delivery service is pretty reliable. They have a sale ongoing at the moment!

In the cooky nursery department, Little Baby Company is another wonderful find,  with a unique range of cute accessories for the nursery but also great retro toys (I'm waiting for Monsieur Baby to walk before ordering him a little car, too cute!!). This is the place to go to if you're looking for a changing mat in a non pastel colour (they had army green, purple, orange and bright pink last time I checked).

Finally, for practical and non toxic feeding gear, toys etc, I turn to VUP Baby, a fabulous one-stop shop with a tremendous choice. I love their little food storing containers and the Beaba Babycook steamer come food processor is my ultimate time saver in the baby puree area!

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