Pre-holiday grooming: wax at Strip

If you've followed my posts for a while you know that I'm usually pretty strict about my grooming routine, but when it comes to holiday grooming I'm what you can call a taliban... Everything has to be perfect and groomed to within a millimetre of its life.

We're leaving for Portugal on Saturday so the clock has started ticking for me to get all spruced up, starting today with defuzzing at the new branch of Strip. Based in One New Change, just off Cheapside in the City, it is very conveniently located for my office so I booked an hour in between meetings for my pre-holiday wax. Well let me tell you, all the buzz you hear about Strip is 100% worth it: this was by far the most stress-free wax I've had in my life. I never counted but if you do the maths on the basis that I've been getting waxes for the past 15 years you're looking at over 250 waxes approximately, so please allow me to consider myself an expert!

The bikini wax was not the least bit embarassing and the leg happened in what felt like 10 seconds, thanks to the flat screen showing episodes of SATC, keeping me relaxed throughout. Did I mention the wax for the bikini area was chocolate and hazelnut? My therapist was adorable and really competent, there is not a single little hair that resisted her blitz. I will now be reaching for my tiny Maaji and Rosa Cha bikinis with total confidence. I'm so sold on Strip that I got a course of treatments, I'll definitely be making Strip One New Change my regular waxing hang-out!

Strip One New Change 0 207 236 0058
Strip Notting Hill 0 207 727 2754
Strip Chelsea 0 207 590 0050


Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

Fantastic blog, S! I just can't get over how quickly you bounced back into shape right after having a baby. I'm now inspired to start an exercise regime (darn painful, I tell you!).

Marlene aka birkingal

Mona P said...

Great post!