Saturday morning at Borough Market

Yesterday Hubby Dearest, Monsieur Baby and I decided to venture out of our West London comfort zone and went shopping at Borough Market. And, who knew I'd ever say this about a place with an SE postcode, we had an absolute blast!

We started by buying some pastries and fresh juice to eat whilst browsing the food stalls: I had a Chelsea bun which complimented my home-brewed coffee perfectly, together with a mixed berries juice. I was quite smug with my thermos of coffee considering the massive queue of caffeine-deprived customers outside Monmouth, which seemed to serve amazing breakfast...My Chelsea bun was massive enough to fill me for the whole morning, a good thing considering all the offerings of cheeseburgers cooked on the spot, gigantic muffins and other rhubarb tarts. 

Walking around this market is like being in foodie heaven, with everything smelling and tasting amazing. The veggies and fruit look and smell like nothing we can find in my part of London, not to mention the flavour! We were very impressed by the fishmongers, where we bought some skewers and crab meat for us and a fillet of cod for Monsieur Baby.

If you visit, make sure you stop by Neal's Yard Dairy for some cheese, and then wander off to the opposite side of the market, by the cathedral, where you can find some fantastic goodies: savoury and sweet tarts, charcuterie, toffee, ice tea, lebanese food... we'll certainly be going back often!

Boroug Market is open Thursday-Saturday

Happy sunday everyone! 


deuxarmoires said...

Great post and pics. I love, love markets!

LittleS said...

Thanks deuxarmoires! I just got my new compact camera in the mail, so hopefully this means much less blurry pictures going forward!