Summer is here! (Or is it?)

"Dear London weather people, in my book, two weeks in April and three days in August does not one summer make, so please be kind enough to send the rain and wind away to Sydney for a few more weeks and bring back some warmth,..." What a horrible drizzly miserable rainy day we're having here in London... I wish I'd travelled down to Madrid or Lisbon to see some clients and get some vitamin D (then again they are all on holidays so no point really).

Anyhow, apparently, after many weeks of showers, summer 2011 has finally started and I'm confident that the sunshine of these last few days will soon come back.

This year, Hubby Dearest, Monsieur Baby and I are splitting our summer time between London and the Portuguese countryside where my parents have a house (thankfully air-conditioned and equipped with a swimming pool).

When in the country, I don't like my beach kaftans so much and prefer light floaty dresses, skorts, playsuits etc. I love flower prints, although seeing as I don't wear this trend too often in the city I prefer to go for high street brands such as Miss Selfridge, where I've found a great skort to suit my country mood perfectly: flowers, retro, light and floaty. Perfection! And at 25£ I'm saving money for an autumn coat! I'll match it with a lace-trimmed navy stripe tee from Anonymous, currently on sale (I also have the long sleeve version for the office, it's uber soft and comfy).

Austique on Kings Road always stocks amazing dresses, like this Jully Kang peach strapless, which will help me survive the scorching heat of afternoons in the garden. And finally, something I've ordered a few weeks ago directly from the Spanish website: the Erika wedges by CastaƱer, at a cool 185€, not cheap but great quality and really comfortable, not to mention magical (they do transform me from smurfette to summer muse in seconds, if that isn't Harry Potter magic I don't know what is).


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