Very intelligent indeed!

Every self-respecting fashionista changes handbags regularly, at least once a week I'd think... However there is always the slight issue of having to move all the little essentials (lipgloss, blackberry, wallet, but also the odd Sophie-the-Giraffe toy and some nursery school registration forms...) from one bag to the other. The secret that many of you already know about but should perhaps share with friends is easy: get yourself a bag organiser!

I found my favourite ones a long time ago, they answer to the very appropriate name of Very Intelligent Pocket(s), by French brand Tintamar. If you visit the Galeries Lafayette in Paris you'll find a whole corner dedicated to them in the ground floor. They are little nylon bags, with loads of pockets and zips, where you can store all your goodies and transfer them easily from one bag to the other. It also avoids many hysterical meltdowns when the phone is ringing at the bottom of a massive hobo, under piles of stuff... you don't want to miss that call from Harrods telling you the Burberry dress you're on the list for has finally arrived do you?

For the rest of us not in Paris, check out Not-On-The-High-Street-dotcom, they store these little multi-pocketed babies in many colours, including silver and soft gold for the bling addicts amongst us. The new model I'm eyeing, the Mama, is not available there but I might get little sis to trekk to the Galeries to get it for me... it would be ideal to accomodate all of my baby stuff!

The VIPs cost approximately £26 for a small size, and £28 for the larger one.



Claire said...

Hi S, you might like to try http://www.quirkybags.co.uk/handbag-organiser-vip-by-tintamar/page/1/ - this is where I get my VIPs from.

LittleS said...

Thanks Claire! Great tip!