Monday at the office

What do you wear on a day that you know will be a blood bath in the markets??? Two options, either go for the tough armour (grey suit, white shirt...) or opt for extra softness to try and ease the blows. Today I went for feminine and soft, from the pleated silk skirt in muted tones to the soft nude pumps, I felt girly through and through. I wore a blouse in soft chiffon which I had picked up during a work trip last year to Tokyo, a city where women inspired me with their soft yet professional demeanour.

I added my special order HAC bag from Hermes, in graphite grey lined with griolet pink: with its horseshoe stamp, I felt it was bringing me some extra luck.

- Zara skirt (2005 collection)
- Ships blouse
- L.K.Bennett Sledge 2 pumps
- Hermes HAC handbag



jessica95 said...

I have been following your blog for a while but this is my first comment. So hello! ;-)

I was absolutely stunned by your choice of colour for HAC as this would be the colour combination that I would love to have for my Birkin! (although i might go for a new colour Etain instead of Graphite) I was actually offered to place a "special order" but just told that Griolet is not available for SO anymore... So could I just ask you when you placed an order and where? Was it in Paris? I would love to get my hands on Gristle so your answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance! :-)

LittleS said...

Hi jessica95, thanks for following my blog, and hello! I ordered my HAC in January 2009 at FSH in Paris, and it arrived in October of the same year. I believe that Griolet was part of the main collection in 2008 so it was no trouble asking for it. Good luck with your SO!

Anonymous said...

You look stunning! Kat (I´m having problems posting on your blog using my google account?)

jessica said...

Thank you so much for your answer!!
Oh now mystery solved. If it was placed in 2009, it must have been easy to get Griolet as a colour for lining.

Could you please please show me (us) some close-up shots of your lovely HAC?? I would love to see how it looks with Graphite. Griolet in Chevre is my dream combination... One day... one day....

LittleS said...

@Kat, Thanks darling! I still have you as a follower on the blog so probably just an issue with your browser that logs you off (it happens regularly to me as well)?

@jessica, yes, I promise I'll post some pics, only bear with me as things are crazy busy in our household right now and I want to get a better camera seeing as my pictures have been pretty bad lately.

Mona P said...

Great look, both feminine and fierce!

I can tell you mean business :)

LittleS said...

Thanks Mona!!

Pam said...

Love your choice of colors for HAC. Is it a 32cm?

LittleS said...

It is indeed!

Pam said...

Thank you!