Week-end in Rome (2): Afternoon stroll in the sunshine

After our morning at Villa Borghese we moved to the central streets, and walked a bit at random from the fountain of Trevi to Piazza Navona to the Spanish Steps... Every turn we took there was one more fabulous view, from the buildings to the churches, the fountains, some roof terrace gardens...

Monsieur Baby of course loved the fountains, especially Trevi, although I have to confess it looked much more magical with Anita Eckberg emerging from it in the moonlight than with hundreds (thousands even!) of tourists surrounding it and trying to get a picture... Oh well, next time we'll come back at four in the morning and I'll be able to do an Anita!

The afternoon was spent walking leisurely and shopping in the streets around the Spanish Steps (more on that later I promise).

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