Autumn workwear at Banana Republic

Often, I hear my younger colleagues complaining that my NaP choices are out of reach for their wallets, and that there aren't that many good options for them in the high street... tsk tsk, I think they are not looking in the right place.

For instance, I think Banana Republic offers great quality workwear which even the most prudent interns should be able to afford, and the best news is that the pieces last forever. Hubby Dearest has had a couple of trousers since the first summer we were dating when I was interning in Miami, and that feels like centuries ago! Unlike some of the other high street brands, Banana Republic offers fabulous textures, and modern cuts inspired by high fashion trends; just check out their new Mad Men collection, gorgeous!

I'v done a little collage of some wonderful pieces they currently have on their European shopping website, and which are also available on the shop floor at the City branch. Most pieces fall under £70 except for jackets which are around £130, surely not a bank breaker... As always, it is preferable to go for quality rather than quantity. Also, at the time I'm writing this, Banana Republic Europe have got a 20% sale on most workwear making everything that much more exciting!

For a first job I'd recommend a small capsule wardobe of pieces which are easily inter-changeable, such as one good jacket, a couple of trousers, a couple of blouses, one shift dress and a skirt; this should not set you off by more than £350. Add a pair of good middle-of-the-range shoes and a nice top-handle handbag and you are sorted for your first day in the office!

Banana Republic
224 Regent Street, London W1
132 Long Acre, London WC2
22 Cheapside, London EC2
23 Kings Road, London SW3

Also at Brent Cross and Westfield shopping centres


hanaa said...

thanks for the tip :)

LittleS said...

Pleasure darling... Tu voudrais pas venir a Londres faire un petit shopping? Bisous

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