The Lilac Pages giveaway: Degas exhibit souvenirs

Yesterday, Monsieur Baby, Hubby Dearest and I spent a lovely afternoon at the Royal Academy exhibit on Degas (read about it all here: The Lilac Pages on the Degas exhibit) and coming out I thought I couldn't leave without a little mementos for my fellow fashionistas, so picked up a couple of little nothings from the shop, which I'd like to give away here!

I have one postcard book which includes 16 postcards of works shown in the Royal Academy exhibit, and three tiny notepads which would be ideal to carry in one's handbag for those endless reminders.

All you need to do is follow a couple of simple instructions:

How to enter? 
Just add a comment under this post to tell me who your favourite Impressionist was. Mine was Monet, I just can't get enough of his Nympheas and have been to extraordinary lengths to see his paintings whenever they were on show. Don't forget to come back to see if you won!

When to enter?
Anytime before Sunday 25 September, 23:00 London time. I will be flying back from Rome on Sunday so will most likely announce the winners on Monday 26.

How will I pick the winners?
There will be four names picked. I will put all the names from the comments on Random.org and will give the postcards book to the first name picked, then the three notepads to the three following names in the randomized list. 

When will the winners get their gifts?
ASAP in the mail from the 26th of September.

Good luck!

As usual, Hubby Dearest and I are not included in the list...


deuxarmoires said...

Mine has got to be Renoir!

Mada U. said...

I have to agree with deuxarmoires, my favourite Impressionist is Renoir, though Monet’s work is also very hard to resist.

Nikki said...

My favourite impressionist is definitely Manet with his masterpiece Olympia. So his brush strokes are rough, and he unites colours by black, his technique was never the standard accepted by the Beaux Arts. He was the godfather of breaking new ground and boundaries - yet oddly always striving for acceptance by the establishment. Olympia is a complete re-interpretation of a classical theme. She is partially dressed, with a shoe and her necklace. Rather than being a goddess, she is a common prostitute. Manet was reflecting a harsh reality that no one wanted to admit at the time - the real Olympia. There she is, naked, receiving flowers from a client (perhaps coming or just gone?). The black cat is also a nod to the obvious reference... I can go on, but Manet is my impressionist hero.

Sarah A. said...

For me it has to be Berthe Morisot!

Carolina B. said...

Well my favourite impressionist remains Monet, altough I also like very much the paintings of women from Renoir. I simply just love Musée Marmottan, Giverny and the diversity of the great paintings of Monet.. for example his paintings of London and Venice and of course his great nympheas series!

Megan Risen said...

Degas! Oh I fell in LOVE when my grandmother gave me a sketch pad with the Blue Dancer on the cover when I was a little girl. I went to to the Musée d'Orsay in Paris JUST to see his work in person. Love love love!