The Mamma interviews: (1) Tabitha

Up first, Tabitha, who is as tall and long as I'm short and smurfette-like... I met her at Christine Hill, and whilst my bump looked like it was going to make me tip over my Prada heels, she had the look of a pregnant Hollywood star, with an elegant bump the only sign she was expecting. She is fun and caring and her witty remarks about my shopaholic habits are a sure way to make me laugh. I caught up with her on her tips for London mummies and how it is to be back at work after a baby.

Who are you?

My name is Tabitha. So who am I? I'm a girlfriend (not married to the "Hubby Dearest"), I am a new mummy to my seven month old baby girl. I am a sister to three younger siblings, I am the daughter of a surfing guru who is based in Devon - check out Tiki Surf for all your beach needs. I am a lover of cats, although the other half hates them and I'll never be able to have one. I live in the city, but I am a proper country girl at heart. I am a little disorganised, but I hide it with loads of energy. A cup of tea and a pile of biscuits to dip in is my idea of heaven.

Working mum or full time mamma?

Before I had my baby, nicknamed T2, I was a workaholic Communications Director for a FTSE100. Now I have taken a little time out for my babe and we have a great balance right now. I've just started work three days a week as an interim Communications Director. I really appreciate the company I now work for, they've made it easy for a new mum to get back to work.

Where can I find you on a Saturday afternoon?

We could be walking in Kensington Gardens, hanging out in our own garden or at the grandparents house in Gloucestershire. We could also be having a late lunch - sushi and dim sum in Whole Foods is the biz! In a few weeks we are off to try out Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall's place near Lyme Regis, while Grandma babysits.

Which section of the Sunday papers do you read first?

It used to be Fabulous when the NOTW was in circulation, closely followed by Style. It's part of my job to keep a close eye on the papers so it's usually the news and business sections next. I'll skim the rest while T2 chews the supplements.

I'm so relieved to hear it's not just Monsieur Baby who has developed a taste for chomping on magazines! Now for some tips, what are your top three shops or places for you and your munchkin?

In the first few months, the Baby Spa in Kensington used to be a lovely treat for baby and the perfect place to catch up with friends in the feeding room after their swim. We both loved this before T2 grew big enough to graduate to proper swimming lessons.

Theory on Ledbury Road in Notting Hill is a great boutique. I found a few nice pieces in there to tide me over between the immediate post pregnancy stage and getting back my old shape (which is harder than I thought!). The staff were really helpful, made me feel great and there were even some toys at the back of the shop for the babies.

Got loads of extra baby stuff you don’t need? Want some extra little things, but don’t really want to spend too much? There is a lovely charity baby shop called babyFARA. You can take your good quality baby stuff there and you know you’re giving to a good cause. Plus, you’ll always find a little outfit or toy for your little one, displayed nicely and of great quality.

Where shall I go to have a fabulous time with Hubby Dearest on a rare date night?

We went to Holland Park Opera a few weeks ago which was an entertaining and very accessible peformance. It's a really easy night out because there is no dress code so you can dress up or just go as you are - just grab a warm scarf and head out to the park. We try to make some time for regular time out together - to help us we use Sitters. They'll provide an experienced babysitter at the drop of a hat.

What have I missed?

I think that just about covers it. Best thing about being a mamma?  Going into her room when she wakes up in the morning and you get the biggest, happiest, most excited and carefree smile ever.

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