The Mamma interviews: (2) Nyree

Continuing on my interview series, let me introduce you to Nyree, another one of my Christine Hill friends (they say ante-natal class friends are for life, well in the case of my group, I think this is true!). Nyree is the uber connected friend we all need when it comes to hotels, bars and restaurants. We went to Sketch together with other friends last month and were treated to a complimentary bottle of champagne thanks to her! Like me, she has a certain taste for nice things, and sports her Chanel classic flap like noone else.

Who are you?

My name is Nyree O'Maoileoin (a mouthful, I know, which I have to spell at least three times a day!) I am 28 years old and have a gorgeous baby girl called Ophelia who is now seven months old. I loved to London three and a half years ago for a job in five star hotels and in that space of time I met my husband and had my baby girl, ... a fast worker I know! I have never done anything by halves and if I think it is right I go for it. I LOVE food, wine, shopping and travelling which all go seamlessly together. I am ultra organised and so while pregnant I read every book on the topic; I am a Gina Ford maniac (controversial I know) and think that everyone should read it even if you don't think you will like the strict regime, you can always adapt it to work for you, which I did.

Working mum or full time mamma?

Before Miss O was born I worked for an International Representation Company called GP Associates. It was very full-on and I was attached to my Blackberry 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I got to travel all over the world and enjoyed every minute but I decided to give it up and become a professional housewife. I'm now taking care of Miss O, husband and house and I absolutely love it (ok, I admit I do have a little help with the cleaning).

Where can I find you on a Saturday afternoon?

We moved to Chiswick from Chelsea as we needed more space so I have been exploring the area. I love taking a walk in Kew Gardens, walking down the Chiswick Highroad where there is an abundance of delis, fishmongers and butcher shops where we will buy ingredients for a yummy dinner. If the husband is feeling generous and we deserve a treat lunch, we'll go to The River Cafe (child friendly) or some fabulous gastro pub. We tried Sands End (voted best gastro pub in 2011 by Michelin) in Fulham last week and it was very easy, parked right outside so no lugging of the pram and baby toys too far.

Which section of the Sunday papers to you read first?

I have to say my favourite is actually the Saturday Times Magazine. I read the article written by Melanie Reid religiously; she broke her neck and back after from a horse, and I find her very inspirational.

What are your top three shops or places for you and your munchkin?

I loved Baby List when trying to get all my baby things for Miss O; you have a one to one appointment with the owner Anita, who then takes you though their four-room showroom and helps you choose what you need and what you don’t. They even helped me with my Bloom highchair months afterwards, which I am just delighted with.

Peter Jones has been my life-line even when I was so scared to go out when Miss O was weeks old you know that they have a feeding room, space to put the buggy in the huge restaurant when drinking the 3rd coffee in a row to keep you awake and on the first floor all the nice cosmetics are threr to make you feel semi human again.

Monkey Music is a great way to meet other mothers and get out the house for half an hour you can take your little one from three months old. You sit in a circle, sing songs and play with instruments they have them in all areas across London.

I'm actually sending Monsieur Baby to our local Monkey Music from next week, with the nanny... I hope she won't be the only nanny there!

Where shall I go to have a fabulous time with Hubby Dearest on a rare date night?

We went to La Trompette in Chiswick for dinner the other night. They are part of Chez Bruce and The Glass House group, and it was very nice. Great value at £39.50 for three courses.

What have I missed?

Just how fabulous it is being a mummy (hard work but fabulous!!!)

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