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Good afternoon everyone, here is a new interview from out of town: Carolina! Caro and I met at business school in France many years ago, like me she is Portuguese but grew up in France. She has a wicked sense of humour and we had a blast when we were in school together. She now lives with her family in Munich, where her hubby is from.

Who are you?

My name is Carolina but everybody calls me « Caro ». I am 31 years old girl with Portuguese roots but very Parisian in my heart as I grew-up in Paris and lived there almost all my life. I am married to my tall sweet Hubby Dearest, who kidnapped me to Munich five years ago. I am also the very happy mum of a 14-months old little boy called Baby L.  I would describe myself as a positive dynamic person who enjoys good things in life and who is madly in love with her two men.

Working mum or full time mamma?

I had the joy of being a full-time mamma for a whole year and had a really great time being with Baby L. and watch him grow a little bit more each day. I enjoyed this free time all the more, since I knew from Day 1 I would be coming back to work full-time afterwards. Work is part of my life and I could not possibly imagine finding a long-term balance without it.

I am currently in a transition mode and started working part-time but I will go back to a full-time job in October. I have been working for a big American high-tech company for 7 years and I am very thankful for the flexibility they have given me since my pregnancy. I used to be a consultant who travelled almost every week somewhere but now I have been able to change job internally and became a Sales client manager for a big insurance customer in Munich.

Where can I find you on a Saturday afternoon?

We love having brunch at the Café Reitschule. This place has been renovated recently and is totally family-friendly. Believe me, I have never seen so many Bugaboos in a restaurant in my life! We like this place so much that we decided to celebrate Baby L.'s baptism last May in the Orangerie part of the restaurant. After brunching we go for a nice walk in the English garden near by.

We also like to enjoy the lakes in the Bavarian region and spend a family afternoon out of town. My favourite lakes near Munich are the Tegernsee near the mountains or the Starnbergersee where we often stop by at the Museum Buchheim, which is an interesting piece of architecture by the lake.

Which section of the Sunday papers to you read first?

I would read the cultural section first and then look how the business and the economy are doing.  But to be honest as we are quite high-tech at home, we generally read news on our computers and maybe soon I hope on a touch-pad!

What are your top three shops or places for you and your munchkin?

My favourite shop in Munich is from a Munich Designer called Annette Frank. I had the chance to meet her personally when I last visited her showroom and I absolutely adore her style and what she offers as themes and accessories for baby rooms. Each of her creations, be it a bed, a lamp or a cushion, is simply adorable and I would buy the whole shop if I could. I was almost desperate looking for a inspiration for Baby L. room when I discovered her; I decided to go for a maritime theme with sailing boats to decorate Baby L room and I am very happy with the result. Also Baby L. loves water so it fits!

Continuing with the water theme, the place we preferred to go with Baby L. this summer were the baby swimming classes at Aqua & Soul. They offer 45 min classes every two weeks also on the weekends and they have a 34°C swimming pool suitable for babies and young children. The instructors are great there and Baby L., my Hubby Dearest and I always had a great time during the classes we took. Everything is organised to make these moments easy and enjoyable for everyone (extra warm changing room, baby chairs all over the place, etc.). Of course, the Baby swimming classes are organised by age so the activities are really the right ones for your baby and his current development stage. The three of us are already looking forward to go there again!

The next two are my favourite shops for Baby L.: Jacadi in Paris and Laranjinha in Lisbon. Jacadi is my absolute favourite brand for baby clothes with its stylish Parisian flair that reminds me of my childhood. I discovered Laranjinha (meaning little Orange in Portuguese) when I was pregnant visiting my parents in Lisbon and really fell in love with their cute shops, wonderful pyjamas and little clothes. Unfortunately Laranjinha only has shops 5 shops in Portugal, but they are worth it, trust me!

For the London girls, Laranjinha has a corner at Harrods, check out the batik print dresses for little girls, adorable!

Where shall I go to have a fabulous time with Hubby Dearest on a rare date night?

I would go for a romantic dinner and/or to the Opera? Last time we went to the Opera we saw the Barber of Seville and had a wonderful time. The next romantic dinner we are planning will be at Sky 360 in the Olympic tower in Munich. We try to have regular date nights as we find it important for the two of us to spend some quality time as a couple.

What have I missed?

My advice to every young mummy is to enjoy every day of your little baby and not to be too hurried or worried that your baby grows or reaches his next development stage (crawling, walking, talking, etc.). This all comes much too fast and it is better just to enjoy the moments as they are and as they come. Also take a lot of pictures otherwise you will almost forget (like me) that your baby used to be so small and entirely yours. My son is now walking everywhere and exploring the world. Times just flies believe me...

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