Monday's NAP lust-have item

A girl has to have dreams... otherwise what's the point of waking up every morning and trying hard, if not to get somewhere! Mine is to find and refurbish a little bolthole in the Mediterranean somewhere quiet and lovely so Monsieur Baby can grow up with a love of the sea like his mamma. Dream on, I hear you say, but I'm working hard so you never know!

Anyways, whilst I'm working on this big plan which might or might not happen, I continue to browse the new drops at Net-A-Porter religiously every week, and this weeek I found an absolute dream of a dress. Check out the detail on this baby, it is just perfect. And the cut? Divine! But then again this is Oscar de la Renta, the master of elegant and timeless dresses, so it figures.

I'm totally in love, but this one will have to stay in my dreams, as I can't really justify spending this type of money on a dress that I will only wear a few times a year. Still, if I had a couple of grand lying around, I'd be clicking on the shopping bag in a second...

Find it here: http://www.net-a-porter.com/product/167947

Sweet fashion dreams!

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Lonely Greenshoe said...

I've seen it this morning too!
FYI I've asked for the Burberry coat to NAP (in the Milan store they've never heard of it), and I'm on the waiting list if they're ever going to restock it....hope this will happen!
Have a good day!