The most stylish nursery chair ever

About this time last year, I was aimlessly traipsing the internet looking for a nursery chair that wouldn't look horrible. I had been viewing loads of houses during our new home search and had been appalled by the number of strange-looking wooden gliding nursing chairs around, and made a promise to myself that I'd never purchase such a monstrosity (I won't add a picture here so as not to offend anyone but I'm sure you know the ones I mean). Still, considering that I was going to spend four to six hours feeding my new baby every day I had to find a comfortable chair, fast.

I had this idea of an upholstered club arm-chair with a rocking or gliding mechanism, but unfortunately couldn't find anything in the UK, all the good options were in the US, with no realistic option for shipping to London...

Enter the fairy godmother of pregnant London girls, Anita at Babylist. She introduced me to the wonderful world of Olli Ella and the most gorgeous range of nursing chairs I've ever seen. These little marvels are handmade in England, not imported half-way across the globe, and made to your specifications. You can choose from a number of colour combinations and there are three styles to choose from.

My favourite is the Da-Da glider, which I picked with a matching storage ottoman. See it in Monsieur Baby's nursery here, he is eight and a half months old now, and we still haven't grown tired of giving him his bedtime bottle in our Da-Da!

Price: approx. £825 for the main range, £975 for the custom-made (ottoman at an additional cost)

Olli Ella

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Broomhouse Studios
50 Sulivan Road
London SW6
0 207 371 5145

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pictorialmum said...

Ooh I love them - still looking even though my wee one is ten months now! Can't believe I've still got the 'temporary dining room chair' in the nursery! Maybe I'll get something like this before baby number 2 comes along (and no, not on the way yet!)