Must-have for over-stretched mummies: Natura Bisse Oxygen facial

I have written about my favourite London spa before, Spa NK in Westbourne Grove... but when I went for another Natura Bisse Oxygen facial yesterday I thought I had to write about it some more.

Let me tell you, this is by far the most hard-working facial available out there, and I think all busy stressed out mummies should get one. It lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes, and seeing the last few days I've had at work (picture a mix of flights, conference calls, business meetings, ... I'm tired just thinking about it) and at home (Monsieur Baby has decided that sleeping beyond 6am on Saturday is not interesting seeing as Mamma is home for a change), it was the best time I've spent on something since the week started.

First the therapist starts by giving me a back massage, a blessing seeing how many knots my shoulders are filled with, before applying a spinal detox mask and turning me over for the facial. To me this is a key differentiating aspect of this treatment, that you get a massage and a facial in one without spending three hours somewhere... which clearly we busy mummies don't have time for!

Whilst the spinal mask works on getting rid of the toxins accumulated during my horrible week, I'm given a full facial with a glycolic peel, an extraction, and some serious oxygen mask and serums. As the treatment evolves, it's like I can feel my congested skin breathe again... Gone are the hours on the phone agonizing about contracts and the sleepless nights. I come out refreshed and with visibly clearer skin.

My therapist didn't try to flog any products to me which I really appreciated, he proceeded to declare that my skin was fine if a bit stressed. And, cherry on the cake? I had booked this via the special customer line which notifies customers of special discounts so paid £96 instead of £120!

Honestly, if you feel tired, sluggish and stressed out, give Spa NK a call, you'll get a much better treatment than if you went for your average cream-slapping facial product-flogging experience!

Spa NK
127-131 Westbourne Grove
London W2
0 207 727 8002

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