Raw Fairies cleanse: my diary

As I write this, I am getting a pretty big sense of accomplishment, and I have a little smug smile on my face, but hopefully you'll forgive me once I explain myself. I have just completed a five day raw food cleanse with the help of Raw Fairies.

I came back from Barcelona last week feeling quite sluggish after flight meals, client dinners, and other cocktails, and my body was craving a little health kick to go back to feeling itself again. I'd heard about Raw Fairies from a number of magazines so decided to give it a go. On Friday, I signed up for the mini cleanse delivery programme... and it all started. Here is how I coped.

Monday - Arrived at my desk at 06:45 as usual, so felt quite peckish by the time the adorable delivery man arrived at 08:45, thankfully I brought a huge thermos of hot water with lemon which had kept me going. After guzzling my cleansing lemonade, the first day is pretty soft and consists of the "normal" Raw Fairies menu for the day: yummy berry smoothie for breakfast, lovely salad for lunch, and even pizza for dinner (it's all raw veggies on a "dough" of crumbled onions, so don't get too excited!), with a number of juices for snacks. I don't feel hungry at all but caffeine withdrawal kicked in around noon, and I've had a headache for most of the afternoon. On top of the food you go through nine pills per day, to help the detox process.

Tuesday - Raw Fairies ease you into the programme so the second day is all about salads and juices, and whilst I love the smoothie for breakfast and the lunch salad, I can't say the same about the evening cabbage salad (then again I hate cabbage even when it is cooked, let alone raw). By now the headaches have subsided somewhat and I feel healthy and my skin is starting to look decidedly clearer. Still going through incredible amounts of water (with lemon, with ginger, with herbal tea, on its own...) and juices so feel like asking my business manager if I can have exclusive use of one of the toilets to accomodate my hourly visits!

Wednesday - This is the toughest day of the week, with today's menu being veggie-fruit juices with a side of juice followed by more juice. When my little bag arrives I feel like I want to run downstairs and get some poached eggs from our cantine cook but then I remember this is all for a good cause: health! No matter how much I love juices and how delicious some are (not all of them, the green ones taste way too much of celery and too little of cucumber or apple for my liking...) there is only so much liquid I can take during a single day. Again spend the day running to the bathroom, with male bosses starting to look suspiciously wondering if "OMG she's pregnant again, she'll go away for another six months". I spend my afternoon hiccuping and at night, I have to face the truth: I'm plain hungry... it doesn't help that today's been an incredibly stressful day, so off to bed on an empty stomach at midnight, after one last lawyers call.

Thursday - Thankfully, just when I was starting to think enough is enough, solid food is back! Today it's all about salads and juices again, like Tuesday. When it's time for my breakfast smoothies (spirulina with some fruit in it, tastes nice in a very odd way) I almost forget to drink them as I'm so absorbed with two deals at work, and frankly not feeling too hungry. Lunch consists of a feta-less horiatiki salad (Greek salad that is), which is delicious, and evening is a beetroot, carrot and walnut salad, thankfully no cabbage on sight!

Friday - Working from home today, so alternating between my computer and blackberry and smiling and blowing raspberries with Monsieur Baby, today is a much easier day, especially as my menu includes a coco smoothie for breakfast (absolutely delicious, I want the recipe!), a mock tuna salad, and, believe it or not, a "bolognese" dish made with courgette spaghetti. If this is what real raw food tastes like, I want to have it every day!

So,what's my verdict? It's been a tough week but I'm totally hooked and think I'll do this twice a year going forward. I feel lighter (it does help that I lost 3kg) and clearer-headed and my skin hasn't looked this good in ages, despite spending hours agonising over memos and the brutal 5:30am daily wake-up call (on the week-ends, Monsieur Baby does the honours, to make sure I don't get into bad habits). Don't get me wrong, this cleanse is extraordinarily hard-work and I often felt like reaching for the Nespresso machine or the bread tin, but it is all worthwhile in the end!

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Mona P said...

I must try Raw Fairies cleanse one of these days!

You should be proud of yourself for sticking to it! Definitely an accomplishment in my books!

hanaa said...

Good job! I really wish we had Raw Fairies in Paris (I'm strugling to keep a healthy diet in la defense..... my team always wants to eat at "la cantine" which doesn't taste great and surely isn't healthy .... fried camember, really???)