BOB: the place to go for lustrous blow-dries in Parsons Green

When it comes to hair, like many girls I tend to steer far away from new experiences and tend to believe that long-term relationships are better than flash crushes. That goes for hair colour, cut, but most importantly hairdresser. But I'll make an exception for hair treatments and blow dries as I am still looking for the place which will turn my fine locks into a rapunzel mane for more than two hours.

So, when I was invited for a luxury hair treatment and blow-dry at BoB Parsons Green, I jumped at the opportunity. I had passed by the salon many times during my afternoon strolls with Monsieur Baby, but hadn't dared walk in on the basis that it all looked too cool for me. You see, BOB stands for Boutique of Beauty, and the concept is that of a more tailored and edgier service than what you'd get at most high street hairdressing chains.

Once inside however, I knew that I had been wrong, as the welcome was lovely and I felt right at home. It was a busy afternoon that day so I had to sit on the chair closest to the window, and with the glare of a rare London sun I couldn't take any good pictures... but this is what happened: I was taken care of by the lovely Millie, a gorgeous Irish-girl with the most enviable raven hair, who first applied a Macadamia Oil treatment on to my hair. Within minutes my dehydrated hair had absorbed it all, and then I just stayed under the warmth coming in from the window whilst the treatment worked its magic. After rinsing it thoroughly, Millie detangled it (without a single painful ouch from my end, a miracle) and proceded to give me a blowdry that left my hair shiny and exuding of health, without the 1980s volume that some hairdressers insist on giving me whenever they get their hairdryers close to my head. All-in my appointment lasted no more than an hour, which is good for me as I hate sitting at a hairdresser's for hours on end.

As I was getting my hair done a girl got up from the seat next to mine, with the most amazing dip-dye blond colour with pink accents on the ends, I'd never seen such a perfect dip-dye up close!

My hair stayed put for a whole day and a half, which included a flight with Monsieur Baby on my lap playing with my tresses, a walk in sun-drenched Rome, and a 3* dinner with Hubby Dearest...

PS: Note to BoB team, thanks for the lovely time I had, I look forward to seeing you all soon, but please please could I not sit by the window (I realise it's sunny 20 days in the year max but the glare is pretty strong)...

BoB Blue, Parsons Green
602 Fulham Road, London SW6
0 207 736 6974

BoB Green, Clapham Junction
4 Brighton Buildings, London SW11
0 207 223 1741


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Isabel said...

Thank you for the advice. I have been thinking about visiting BoB for a while, since as a cupcakemum member they offer 25% off. However I love my current hairdresser, Gina Conway, next door to BoB. So after 2 weeks of thinking I booked myself for highlights & hair cut. The experience was amazing! Cathy my stylist really took great care in understanding what I wanted for my hair and life style (mum of 2 babies with not much time for hair)! I look great, thanks for the advice!