Winter is just round the corner... get some help for your skin and hair!

Happy first day of Fall everyone! I know most of us mourn the end of summer and the departure of the sunny days but in my case today is a happy day, as Fall is my absolute favourite season. Plus, let's face it, who wants summer when it comes with miserable weather and gloomy rain as it did in London this year?

Usually the new season is the opportunity for me to rotate my wardrobe but also give a little sprucing up to my beauty products: as the weather takes a cooler turn I tend to reach for heavier products to protect my skin and hair.

This year, I'll be stocking up on the following products:

1. L'Occitane Crème Ultra Riche Corps: this is the only way for me to avoid crocodile skin during the winter months when my pins are tucked under opaque tightes and wool trousers.
£26 on http://uk.loccitane.com/

2. Esthederm Hydra System Baume SOS: this emergency balm is the ultimate solution for end of the day deflated skin. Applied just before facing the streets at the end of a long day, it plumps everything back up. Bring it back from Paris as I don't know of a UK stockist yet!

3. Carmex Lip Balm: I have dozens of lip balms, but this classic is the best and, interestingly enough, cheapest one! Love the tingling I get from the camphor and the old-school scent...
£2.69 on http://www.boots.com/

4. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment: I have fine hair and it suffers even more than my skin during the Winter months, so I'll be stocking up on moisturising products this year to avoid the 3 inch chop come Spring!
£30.45 on http://www.cultbeauty.co.uk/

5. Weleda Baby Weather Protection Cream: I hate to see babies with chapped cheeks so I slather this on Monsieur Baby's face whenever we go outside and it's cold, and I'll be instructing the nanny to do the same... works miracles on mummy's chapped lips and hands as well!
£4.24 on http://www.boots.com/


theScandinavianMum @ Little Scandinavian said...

Thanks for sharing. Carmex is my nb 1 when skiing in minus degrees -literally the only one (in addition to Savex) that works.
I'll def try Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment!

Wish you a lovely Wednesday eve.

Best Bx

Freida said...

My one and only true hydrating cream is the Karité de l'Occitane! And I love all products by Weleda...Will have a try with Esthederm...Good list:)

Anonymous said...

Carmex is a saver! I discovered it last winter and use it even in summer!!