Celebrating the arrival of Autumn with a monogrammed necklace

Every season, I change the decor of our home slightly to reflect the changes of colours we see outside. It's one of the things I love about London, each season is truly different; I grew up in Casablanca where there were really just two seasons: hot and humid for six months, then cool and humid for another six months, and back again... Having a proper seasonal climate is amazing on many levels, not only because you get to see your surroundings change, but also because you can wear different outfits all the time (try wearing a fur coat in Morocco, a few ladies do it but they look a bit silly if you ask me, not to mention they must feel uncomfortably warm).

One way to bring the seasons inside is by changing the arrangement in the big vase we have in our lounge. Last week, I added a few pumpkins and dried leaves to some twisted wine branches, for a perfect autumnal feel. Of course I did this without thinking of my adorable cats, who have been obsessed with catching the lightly swaying leaves ever since I completed my setting. Sigh...

Also... see that little sparkly thing hanging from the branches? That's my new monogram necklace set by Sonya Renee, a US-based jewellery brand that specialises on small whimsy jewellery pieces which can be personalised. I ordered this online on Thursday afternoon and the package was delivered by FedEx on Monday afternoon... Talk about speedy service!

Pieces range from about $50.00, mine includes a Zoe engraved disc with an "S" in wedding font.
Buy it here: http://www.sonyarenee.com/


Mona P said...

Love your necklaces, so cute and delicate!

I am a big fan of Annoushka jewelry! They have different ranges of jewelry, starting from beautiful statement pieces to initial pendants and cute necklaces and charms. Their Gobstopper collection is absolutely gorgeous!

deuxarmoires said...

Great idea with the vase. Sometimes I place seasonal trinkets on our fireplace and now you've given me inspiration for a blog post!

LittleS said...

@Mona P I love Anoushka as well, but can't help feeling it's a bit overpriced, especially when compared to what I can find in the US.
@deuxarmoires, off to catch up on your blog, it's been a few days!