Chanel nail polishes... love, love, love

Every season, Chanel launches a mini collection of three new limited edition nail polish colours, usually presented in conjonction with the fashion show for the prêt-à-porter collection. For the past few seasons, an increasing number of colours have been instant sell-out hits, such as Particulière (SS2010) and Graphite (AW2011), not to mention Mimosa (SS2011) and I hear the April - May - June candy colours for SS2012 are to die for. This season, my favourite is Quartz, a bit less in-your-face than Graphite, it looks like a metallic version of Particulière.

You'll be happy to hear that some colours are so popular that Chanel puts them in the permanent collection... This was the case of Rouge Noir (1995) and also Particulière.

My favourite colours to date are Rouge Noir, Pêche Nacrée (perfect for summer, it makes me think of shells shining in the sun), Beige Naturel, and Khaki Vert, the one that got away: I tried to buy it from Harrods when it came out but Hubby Dearest was in a rush and then I never got round to buying it whilst it was still out.

I'm not a big fan of the Jeans collection currently to be found on Chanel counters, but I hear it is almost sold out! Here is a tip: I know that most of you won't go to Boots shopping for Chanel but you'd be surprised that they do stock certain rare colours longer than most department stores!



Isabel said...

Totally agree. At the moment I am in love with black pearl. A beautiful grey with multi shinny tones.
But the most amazing thing is that the nail polishes really dry quickly and they are worth the investment.
Have a great weekend

LittleS said...

Thank you! You too!

Mona P said...

Love Rouge Noir and Particuliere!

Although, I must say that Chanel polishes tend to wear off much quicker than let's say Essie.

Despite that, I somehow always venture back to Chanel :)