Christmas list (1): Purple

Yes, it's that time of the year again... the time when I start thinking about the perfect present for Christmas, Hannukah, Winter Solstice, [write your own December holiday here]... And, after doing a list for different personalities around you in 2009 and a list just for me in 2010 (I was pregnant, so I was allowed to be selfish!), this year I'm going to do presents lists by colour, mixing gift ideas for fashionistas (of course), babies, deserving hubbies, not so deserving hubbies etc etc! It's as random as any other categorisation so let's start, with, you guessed it, Lilac and Purple!

1. L'Artisan Parfumeur, Mûre et Musc Body Powder, £35.00
Mûre et Musc was the very first perfume I owned as a young teenager eons ago (no nasty comments please), so this brings back some pretty good memories and I still love the mix of spicy and fruity of this fragrance, it's a perfect winter fragrance. It can be a bit overpowering so I prefer the lighter option of a powder rather than a spray, it's more discreet.

2. Austique Blackberry Case, £16.67
I have used an Hermès card case for one of my Blackberries for a long time, however it doesn't really fit well and getting the phone out was never easy (I know, what did I expect using a card case as a phone case?) so really I need this in my life... hint, hint!

3. Miu Miu Platform Shoes, £420.00
I adore Miu Miu shoes, there is not a single model that I really dislike. These have everything to please a fashionista: sky-high heels, a nice platform, enough straps to be cool but not crazy, and of course a wonderfully saturated purple colour. Love them!

4. Olivelse Plum Pillow, £37.05
Stock up on whimsical prints and cute muted colours to make for a gorgeous little girl nursery... this sweet pillow would look lovely on a nursing chair and there is also a plaid blanket to match!
 5. L.L.Bean Purple Tote , large size, $29.95
These totes are so useful, I've owned a couple since last Spring and neither I nor our nanny seem to be able to live one day without them: we use the medium size for quick outings to the park, and in the week-ends we take the large size to Monsieur Baby's swimming class. I think it looks amazing with a monogram, and even if you're late in ordering they will deliver within less than a week from the US. My suggestion, go for the large size, it will follow you everywhere.

On to prepare the next list, maybe Orange, or perhaps Blue... will see...

PS : Wondering where to buy all these bits and bobs? You will see that I now make a little effort in pasting the link you need to order everything under the name of each item, so all you need to do is click on the name and it takes you straight to the item's page. Hopefully you find this more helpful?


Mona P said...

Gorgeous Miu Miu shoes!

LittleS said...

I know... so beautiful!