Christmas list (2): Gold

I have a thing for luxurious Christmas gifts, and nothing screams luxe like gold... so here it is, my Gold Christmas list. Enjoy shopping!

1. Diane Von Furstenberg Lytton Clutch, £273.00
Not only does the queen of style make gorgeous dresses, she also creates sublime accessories. I love this clutch, it is the perfect shape and size, and the colour isn't ubiquitous so it will look rather special for that NYE party.

2. LUXE Rome City Guide, $9.99
You know I loved my recent outing to Rome, so make someone happy, buy them a ticket, book that hotel, and order this LUXE guide, it has all the foodie and shopping addresses you need.

3.  Montblanc Classic Knot Cufflinks, £225.00
When it comes to accessories, there is definitely much more you can do if you're a woman, but men have cufflinks and watches to play with their style. All I'll say however is don't play too much, a classical elegant look is always best.
4. Winter Scene Christmas Card by Smythson, £50.00 for a box of ten cards and envelopes
I love good stationary, it's a taste that I've acquired in London. Smythson is by far the best place to get your cards from this holiday season...
5. Alex Monroe Original Sin Bracelet, £345.00
I love a whimsical bracelet, and this one with its leaves and bee charms is special and unique.


the taupe said...

The Lytton clutch is such a classic and I think the gold version is so easy to wear with both casual and formal black or denim outfits.

LOVE Smythson stationary - in my opinion, if it's worth sending a Christmas card to someone, the card should be memorable. I'd much prefer to send quality cards to fewer people than dozens of cheap cards to distant acquaintances who couldn't care less if they received one.

LittleS said...

I tried commenting on your post but then my internet went vicious on me... I think you have a great look on your Camel dress post. For Paris, I wrote 4 blogs a while back with my favourite addresses, check here: http://fashionistas-anonymous.blogspot.com/2009/11/parisian-recommendations-volume-i.html
Now for cover-up, how about a nice little box jacket, collarless?

Valeria Avirett said...

Thank you so much for showing your love for LUXE Guides! We are hapy to hear you loved us while in Rome. Let us know where you are headed next. Best, the LUXE City guides team