Christmas list (3): Orange

I'm feeling very Christmas-y today... it must be the horrible cold outside. So today you get not only one but two gift lists from me! This time, orange, one of my favourite colour for gifts to come in, because if a gift comes in an orange box it usually means it comes from Hermès (knees weakening just at the thought).

1. Stella McCartney Kids Silk Dress, £94.00
This is a beauty of a little tea dress for little girls, 100% made of silk. Sometimes I do wish Stella McCartney Kids sizes went up to my size (which we will not discuss here, don't insist).

2. Elvis and Kresse Wash Bag, £59.00
Who hasn't had a wash bag meltdown during a trip? I find men are particularly prone to aftershave disasters and frankly, seeing as most of us sometimes share our SOs suitcase, who wants their gorgeous little evening dress spoiled by the smell of Lynx (sorry guys, I'm no angel, not falling for it). This is made from reclaimed fire hose, so should be 100% waterproof!

3. Dries Van Noten Bracelet Set, £296.00
Gorgeous set which reminds me of the 1930s resine bracelets, these will work hard, from one season to the next... A true winner for all your fashionista giftees.

4. Hermès 90cm Carré - L'Arbre de Vie, £260.00
This is in my opinion the most beautiful design by Hermès in the last three years, and I wish I could own it in silk as well as cashmere in most colourways (yes, even I recognise that some colours are not for me). Love love love it.

5. Koto Bolofo, La Maison, 11 Volumes, £140.80
Talking about this glorious maison, you can now order and drool over 1100 pages of fabulous pictures focusing on the arts and crafts of Hermès. One word of caution though: this is a pretty artsy book, so not really your typical coffee table book...

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