Christmas list (4): Taupe

Happy Friday from a very very cold London! My next list might look drab from a distance, but it is an essential colour that everyone needs in their life: Taupe... Think about it as beautiful hot latte... Yummy. Enjoy!

1. Ted Baker Chandelier Print Dress, £159.00
I saw this dress today at our local Ted Baker store, and I fell in love with it instantly. It has a 1950s cut with a very cool modern photo print. I can see how this will work with either stilettos or boots in the months to come, and even during the summer.

2. Tammy Donohoe's Wool Babygro, £46.69
I know a lot of parents hate dressing their babies in babysuits, and prefer more grown-up outfits, but I'm hanging on to the few months I have left with Monsieur Baby as a tiny baba, and to be honest a nice snuggly bodysuit is bound to keep him warmer than a jeans and top combo.

3. Hermès Men's Cape Cod Watch, approx. £2,000.00
Hubby Dearest got this watch as a present years ago, and it is, like everything Hermès does, a gorgeous piece of workmanship. I wish I could steal it occasionally but my wrist is much smaller than his (thankfully...)
4. Opi Over The Taupe Nail Polish, £10.50
If you've missed the Taupe nail polish craze of the past two years, you've either been in exile to the moon or probably you don't care about fashion, in which case it's confusing why you're reading my blog but welcome and thank you!

5.Lanvin Suede and Shearling Boots, £710.00
These boots look so warm and toasty, and seeing how they are sold out in most retailers I'm not the only one who is absolutely drooling over them!
Have you started shopping for Christmas gifts? What have you bought? Tell me about your finds! I'm determined to finish all my shopping before the December scramble... will I manage? Watch this space!


Anonymous said...

I also have my eyes on the Lanvin boots! I´ve had them in my cart a few times:0)


Mona P said...

Love the Cape Cod watch!