Christmas list (6): Blue

Who's feeling blue? Not me, but looking at all these gorgeous goodies makes me ache for a little blue in my life right now. Here is today's Christmas list, in blue, navy, ciel, royal blue, etc. I know you all feel it's still early but really if you're going to be organised this year you better get started with the shopping...

1. Wilbur & Gussie Edith Clutch, £165.00
I adore Wilbur & Gussie and love that it is a small UK-based label. I have used my teal coloured Charlie many many times, and think it's time for an Edith, don't you agree Hubby Dearest?

2. Illamasqua Nail Polish in Force, £13.00
I don't love hard blues on nails, but this one has got just the right amount of a purple undertone to make it girly not costumey...
3. Clarissa Hulse Patchwork Cushion, £59.00
There are many ways to bring nature inside your home which don't include a planted banana tree... Clarissa Hulse does the best nature-inspired prints in my opinion, and they come in the most beautiful colours and patterns you can wish for.
4. Paul Smith Velvet Jacket, £500.00
Double-breasted velvet jacket for Monsieur, by the Brit king of fashion himself... for a little added elegance this winter, whether he is standing by the chimney holding a brandy or walking the pup in icy weather. I love the pop of colour from the lining.

5. Amigo Pedal Car, £295.54
I'm sure your little tot will squeal in delight as they zoom through the house in their shiny new race car, and so will you (at least the first couple of hours, I hear it gets old after that!)

Happy friday!

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