Happy birthday Donna Ida!

The other day, just ahead of their fifth birthday celebrations, I was very pleased to finally get to meet with the Donna Ida team in their Elizabeth Street boutique, just a couple of steps away from beautiful Eaton Square. I went on to spend a little time with the team and got to like this denim powerhouse concept even more...

Donna Ida is one of the very few places I buy denim from, and there are a few good reasons for it:
1) The sales girls are super nice, always eager to help with a different size or a new style... no attitude here!
2) I have never, in the 4-odd years I've shopped here, felt pressured to buy anything or gone home with some superbly unsuitable cut for my body shape
3) The denim selection here is one of the most "pointues" (that's french for precise, edgy, and cool all wrapped together) in London, this is the place where the next super brand will emerge one or two seasons earlier than everywhere else
4) I love that you don't have to come here just for jeans, Tucker blouses and Pyrus waistcoats anyone?
5) This is the only place in the world where I feel comfortable trying jeans on (seriously this is torture for me, I hate trying jeans, but here for some reason I feel good)... ok this isn't a very rational factor but it counts...

I could go on and on for hours... but let me just say, if you have never been in a Donna Ida shop, you should get your skates on and go. You're missing out.

Yes, I can hear you at the back, "why pay over £150 for a pair of jeans, it's just jeans after all!" Well consider the following points... First, the average modern girl spends an enormous amount of time in jeans, from week-end strolls in the park to fun nights at Box. Second, most cheap jeans won't give you the shaping uplift everyone without a Bar Rafaeli body deserves (ever heard the expression When you pay peanuts you get monkeys? you get my thinking...). Now these two points alone should suffice to convince you that cheap jeans are like junk bonds, no good, but if we must, let's bring the boys into the discussion (I'd like to point out at this stage that I don't ever dress for boys... neither should you but hey): apparently, if fashion magazines are to be believed, guys usually prefer girls dressed in a simple jeans and shirt - read bum fitted jeans and cool boho blouse, guys don't usually talk style speak - so ditch the anguish over the red dress vs. LBD combo, and wear some amazing jeans...

Of course, we've all been through the hassle of trying to buy jeans from a department store, they all have what they call denim specialist sections, but sadly in my experience it's as if they forgot to train denim specialist sales people. At Donna Ida the girls know their Misfits from their Love Stories, and they know what cut will come out next season that will make us create even more wardrobe space for denim. If you're still confused, the denim clinic service offered here is pretty unique, and will help any indecisive shopper figure out what works for her or simply find new ways to wear jeans.

It isn't surprising that shopping here is such a rewarding experience, the first boutique was created five years ago now and they keep on perfecting the concept, and even their website has got a recent overhaul which makes denim online shopping a breeze. The next couple of seasons are bound to bring even more exciting surprises from the denim fairies, so watch this space!

And you know how the Donna Ida girls are celebrating their birthday? By treating all fashionistas around with a special discount of 15%, if you use special code BDAY15 at checkout, either online or at the shops. Go on, you know you want to order those velvet skinny jeans from AW2011

Donna Ida

Donna Ida Belgravia
40 Elizabeth Street, SW1
0 207 730 4554

Donna Ida Chelsea
106 Draycott Avenue, SW3
0 207 225 3816

Donna Ida Westfield
The Village, Westfield, W12
0 208 743 6111

Donna Ida Guilford
21 Swan Lane, Guilford GU1
0 148 356 9330


Mona P said...

Thanks for the review, will definitely visit them sometimes soon.

Love the colours of velvet J.Brands!

LittleS said...

Mona, my pleasure! I also fell in love with the JBrand velvets, I picked the blue ones. Now can't wait for it get cooler so I can wear them!