Monday's Matches lust-have item

Dear readers, as you know, lately, I've struggled to find fabulous goodies on NaP for my Monday's lust-have series, some that will match both my lifestyle and my budget. Tell me, what am I supposed to do with a £5,000 ballgown when my life is spent between team meetings, client dinners, and outings to the park with Hubby Dearest and Monsieur Baby? Same way as I own only one expensive evening clutch for every ten day handbags I own, I don't really need to shop for eye-wateringly expensive evening-wear every week, even though it would be lovely to live the life of someone who does, I'll give you that...

So, my friends, we're switching gears... I started looking for some good quality fashion websites to source my addiction from, and I found a few, including the one by Matches, which has been revamped since its early years. It looks amazing and has a much broader offering for girls like me, who earn quite a bit of money and want to look good every day, without spending all their cash on one overpriced bracelet by some unknown designer (maybe it's me but if you're going to splurge nine grand on a bracelet at least make sure it's Cartier, just so it keeps its value!)... I still love NaP to bits, but will just be spending a bit less time and money there, as I need to focus on what really works for me.

To cut a long story short, I'm now bringing you my Monday lust-haves from Matches, and here is my first: a perfect dress that will take you from the 07:00 trading floor update to the 23:00 coffee at the end of a client dinner at the Sanderson. The Matches ladies call this type of dress the 18-hour dress.

It's made of stretch-jersey, which means this is also the ideal "fly-to-Europe-for-a-day" dress, and the little embellishment on the cuffs brings a little sophistication. I also love the draping, which looks so flattering... Best of all, the price, which will not break the bank. What's not to love?

Buy it here: Max Mara Odette Dress at Matches


Mona P said...

I love Matches! They have a fantastic selection of various Max Mara lines there. Just got a gorgeous coat and a pair of suede booties there recently.

Also, if you are in Richmond or Wimbledon area, check out the two stand-alone Max Mara stores there. They tend to carry such a variety, that it rivals that of the Max Mara Bond Street store.

Anonymous said...

I´m a big fan of Matches! I totally agree with you about NAP. Love it still but some items are way too expencive:0)


LittleS said...

@Mona P I only know their online store and the Ledbury Rd shop, but yes I should go to Wimbledon or Richmond to see the other shops.

@Kat I love Matches, and the packaging? Totally gorgeous!! Even Hubby Dearest said we should keep the box (a first)...