Monsieur Baby has two buggies

Before Monsieur Baby's arrival, I used to be slightly puzzled by the number of people I knew who had at least two buggies for their little ones: when space comes at a premium in London, what could people need more than one buggy for? Surely if it was to accessorise Mummy's outfit they could just do like me and order a denim version which would go with pretty much everything?

Now I smile at how naive I was... I soon discovered that whilst the Bugaboo Cameleon is like a Rolls-Royce for babies, with its comfortable seat, the numerous seating positions and the cool suspension mechanism, not to mention that the carrycot for the first few months is a wonderful pram for the tiny babas. However, it is also akin to a tank in size, it doesn't fold easily, and frankly travelling on a plane with it is a nightmare... either you check it in outside security in its gigantic travel bag or you can send it down to the haul at the gate, but it means it travels in two easy to break pieces and that the seat gets totally filthy in the process. Personally I wouldn't sit my baby back on a bit of fabric that's been tumbling around a plane's haul for a few hours.  

For long trips it's ok to check it in and I am fine to carry Monsieur Baby around the airport in a baby carrier but for short week-end escapes like the one we did to Rome a couple of weeks ago I prefer our Baby Jogger City Mini. Its folding system is absolutely fool-proof and can be done whilst holding the baby in one arm (if I can do it, anyone can, trust me, I'm the village idiot when it comes to this kind of thing), and it folds into a neat little square that you can send to the haul in a really handy travel cover. Plus let's face it if you're going to a place like Rome or Athens where steps are the norm rather than the exception you will prefer carrying a lighter buggy! There are of course plenty of collapsable and light-weight buggies around, but the City Mini has some pretty cool features such as a ventilated fully reclinable seat, a few storage compartments, and some super practical flaps to say high to baby whilst walking around.

So for London and long trips we still favour our Bugaboo, storing the City Mini in our basement, but for short getaways the City Mini is our go-to buggy!

Baby Jogger City Mini, from approx. £220

Bugaboo Cameleon, from approx. £700

PS: The travel bags are sold separately in both cases

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