Monsieur Baby's first Halloween

I love Halloween... whilst it wasn't part of my upbringing at all, we celebrated it at some of the schools I went to, and I've always loved the idea of dressing up and, of course, trick or treating. And obviously it falls during my favourite season of the year, Autumn.

So it was to be expected that I would decorate our house with a flurry of pumpkins and lights, I do so every year. But this time it's a little bit special: it is Monsieur Baby's very first Halloween. And, like his first birthday, Christmakka, Easter, etc etc, I'm planning on celebrating to the full. We have stocked up on treats for tomorrow, chocolates from Maison du Chocolat, and have even got a little costume for Monsieur Baby.

You will have noticed that I never post a picture of my son here, or anywhere else for that matter (where I put my pictures is up to me, but in his case he can decide in a few years for himself), but this time round I had to make an exception, he looks so cute in his adorable outfit! I had to order it from the US seeing as nothing was interesting enough for babies here, but the website I found, called www.halloweenexpress.com, had an amazingly smooth ordering process and the delivery was extra fast! And of course they stocked Tom Arma, who makes the cutest animal outfits for babies.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Order here: Tom Arma cat costume on Halloween Express


Lonely Greenshoe said...

He is adorable S.!!!!

Mona P said...

What a cutie, love the outfit!

LittleS said...

Thank you ladies! Of course I agree but I'm extremely biased...