Weaning Monsieur Baby... one meal at at time!

I know there are plenty of parenting books out there with different views about when to introduce what foods for babies, and that's not even mentioning the amount of contradictory advice new parents get from their family, friends etc. about the topic. So this isn't a post about when to start solids or what to try first, it's simply an account of what made our lives easier, in the difficult and daunting process that is giving our first and only baby new foods.

Before we started, Hubby Dearest and I were pretty scared our little munchkin would detest solids, that he would be a fussy eater (I know I am) or that he would possibly be allergic to some foods. So we armed ourselves with patience and a few helpful tools. We took it very slowly at first, sticking to baby porridge and banana for the first few weeks, and no more than one spoonful a day. Monsieur Baby expressed his distaste for porridge in a pretty vocal manner, and I started fearing he would only ever have milk. But boy did he enjoy banana!

After a few weeks it was time to move on to more complex things and Monsieur Baby started getting more interested. He loved his pear and apple purees, and as we progressed to vegetables and soon introduced proteins, he proved he is a true little French gourmet like his papa: he loves everything we give him, from grilled peppers to spaghetti bolognese... he even loves his fisherman's pies whilst I can't bear cooked fish, if it ain't sushi I won't have it!

I cook for him every week-end, seeing as I rarely have time during week evenings, so every Sunday I lay out the vital ingredients: freshly brewed coffee for Mamma (yes, without this crucial caffeine input I'm afraid my son would be doomed to bought baby purees!), Annabel Karmel's cook book (I follow the recipes, not the schedules or the stages, which frankly I found useless for us), and the freshest produce I can find in the market. Most weeks, it consists of green veggies, ripe fruit, some flavour enhancers such as vanilla pods and fresh peppercorns, and the best fish and meat we can afford.

Every cooking session involves using our Beaba Babycook, without which weaning could have easily been a nightmare: it steams and blends the smallest quantities of food, perfect for baby. I know a lot of people like to use their own blenders and pans for baby foods but I found my Beaba particularly useful, especially in the first weeks of weaning when it was all about steamed veggies and silky blends! Unlike other mommies who cook fresh for every meal, I sadly have to pre-cook every meal in advance, seeing as I'm not around for 80% of Monsieur Baby's meals, so I had to find some good freezer-friendly pots, in baby size, and my favourite are to be found at Vital Baby, they come in two sizes and I find that for breakfast I need two of the little size and for lunch and dinner I use a big one and a small one (from about six months until now, when Monsieur Baby is nine months, but as you know every baba is different!)

Come to think about it, I could easily ask our nanny to cook for Monsieur Baby instead of spending 2-3 hours every week-end around my pans and Babycook, but it really gives me a special satisfaction to know that I make this for him myself and that I am 100% sure that it is made with quality products and a lot of love!

Beaba Babycook, approx. £90
VUP Baby

Annabel Karmel books, approx. £9

You can also find Vital Baby freezer pots on Amazon.


Isabel said...

HI! I remember the joy of doing this first time around and I will be soon starting with my second baby. I was reading your post and wandering what bibs do you use? At a certain point we had to use those that include sleeves so that he could truly "experiment" food. They then turned into painting aprons. Now, with a girl second time around I wonder if she will be less curious to experiment hands on food :)

LittleS said...

Hi! So far we've been lucky in that Monsieur Baby is trying really hard not to make a mess, he doesn't really mess up his clothes or anything. So we use cloth bibs, mainly from Petit Bateau and Teresa Alecrim. The area around his chair however could do with a cover!