Bubbles and nibbles before a night at the movies

Yesterday, I took a night off from banker and mamma duties and went off for a night out with two of my adorable and fabulous girlfriends. Nothing wild, don't worry, just a few drinks and nibbles followed by a movie. For this type of evening I love going to Westfield, the cinema is ran by Vue and it is modern and comfortable, with the added bonus of allowing customers to book what they call VIP tickets, seats which are pre-allocated, in the middle of the room, and which mean you can enjoy a real chat and meal before heading up to the theatres... Very civilised!

First though, we met at the Searcy's champagne bar, where I indulged in my favourite bubbly, Veuve Cliquot Rose, together with some bread and Dorset crab. Yummy! I also came here the other day for lunch and had the salmon open sandwich, which was even nicer than the crab. One thing I'd say however is the bar space is not ideal for parties of more than two seeing as the bar chairs can't move so speaking to everyone is just a tiny bit tougher, but the space is beautiful.

A couple of glasses of bubbly later, we went up to Vue for our session of The Help, a movie based on the eponymous book, depicting the lives of white women in Jackson, Miss. in the 1960s, and their coloured "help", and how one of them decides to rattle the white colonnade plantation house by writing a book with the stories of all the maids.My friends hadn't read the book but like me, they really enjoyed the movie. I think the story is moving yet funny, and the actresses were excellent.



Anonymous said...

I also want to see this movie!! Hopefully next week will have time with DH (mother in law is coming back from Cyprus, "the help"! Xa, xa!!) Anyway, is nice going out with girlfriends...

madeco said...

I read the book after my holidays in the States this summer ; I talk about this on my blog to share that fabulous story; thank you for this Westfied's pictures ! see you soon

Mona P said...

Sounds like you had a great night out!

I need to check out this champagne bar! Always pass by it when in Westfield, but never get a chance or time to sit down.

LittleS said...

@ Lena, you must go and see the movie, it's really good.
@madeco, you're welcome! I am a big fan of The Help, think it's brilliantly written.
@Mona P, I did, it was great fun. The champagne at the bar is really nice, and the food is lovely, also you can litterally be served in a couple of minutes so easy to fit in a busy afternoon of shopping!