Christmas list (10): Red

People, unless you've refused to open a magazine, turn on the TV, walk through the streets, you probably know that this is it, the last line to Christmas. Time to get those super important gifts to make your loved ones happy this holiday season! 

Here is just one more list from me, in, what else, festive red! I hope you enjoy it... it is my last Christmas gift list for this year, but I promise to share with you any great brainwaves I get before the big 2-4. And, stay tuned, as I have a little something to offer in the shopping department for those of you who are still confused about what to get!

1. Gobe-Trotter Orient suitcase collection, from approx. £600
Ah, how I wish I could upgrade from my Samsonite standard black wheelie into one of these, the second smallest or the smallest size would be ideal! Time to buy that lottery ticket.

2. Diptyque Spiced Plum Candle, £45.00
Noone does better candles than Diptyque, fact. If you disagree let me know which brand is nicer, I'd love to try it out! These ones not only smell great but they look absolutely amazing, especially the special editions like this one! A perfect hostess gift...

3. Halston Heritage Gown, £795.00
Gentlemen, you all have a Cinderella in disguise in your life, so make her the belle of the ball with this fantastic asymmetric gown, from the king of disco wear, Monsieur Halston of course.

4. Uniqlo Merino Men Sweater, £19.90
Uniqlo combines amazing quality to wonderful prices, and frankly at these prices you could treat the special gentleman in your life to all the colours!

5. Anne-Claire Petit Reindeer, £49
This is so so cute, I'm ordering one for Monsieur Baby right now!

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