Christmas list (7): Grey

Grey is my absolute favourite colour, so I really struggled to restrict my Christmas list for this shade to only five items, but here they are, should help you please babies, fashionistas, a couple of men in your life, and even your pooch (I hear Fatpuss and Sourpuss hissing in the background, I promise I'll include some kitty goodies in my next list!)

1. Mungo & Maud Dog Bag, £353.00
Make sure your pup travels in total comfort with a gorgeous carry bag from the coolest of dog and cat outfitters. (Comes without pup... obv.)

2. Harrods Cashmere and Fox Gloves, £249.00
My moto hasn't changed since my post on how to ski in style: if you're going to freeze, might as well look good doing so...

3. The Butter Flying Star Mobile, £21.79
Clearly this pastel-coloured mobile will do much less for your tiny tot's development than a brightly coloured one from the ELC but it will look much better, I'm just saying!

4. Kuchi-Paku Penguin Speaker, £38.99
I admit this isn't the classiest gift in my Christmas list series, but it is one of the cutest and funniest by far: hook it to your mobile and you'll see him lip-synching to whatever your interlocutor is telling you, or just hook it to your MP3 to watch a hilarious version of your favourite tunes. I can think of quite a few conference calls that could benefit from this little pal!

5. Uniqlo Half-Zip Cashmere Sweater, £129.90
100% cashmere, super-warm, and so affordable, no wonder I know dozens of fans of the Uniqlo cashmere collection... go ahead and buy a few colours, you'll get a very thankful hubby, dad, brother...


the taupe said...

Ohhh how I need those gloves!

LittleS said...

I know, so pretty right? And not too pricey for fox fur gloves!