Christmas shopping: Need some help?

Right.. by now you must be feeling quite ready for the lovely ever so civilised ritual that is Christmas shopping. Come on people, the four week count-down has officially started, and I don't know about you but I don't want to be spending the 22d of December fighting through packed shop floors for some lousy imagination-deprived last-minute gifts! I'd rather be done way before then...

So, in case you've missed some, here is a recap of my Christmas gift idea lists, by colour of course! Just click on the colour to be taken to the post!

And here is an offer for you lovely fashionistas who read me: if you have a gift dilemma and can't find anything interesting here why not post in the comment what you're looking for or who you're looking for and I'll do a post to help you out? If you're shy you can also email me, just use the envelope button to your right!


Freida said...

love every single colour...especially loving that jacket in the teal selection!
Have fun shopping, I am almost done, heehee!

LittleS said...

Thanks Freida! Well done you for being almost done for this year's gifts!