Dressing for your shape (2): Inverted triangle

I hope everyone has had a good start of the week, I certainly didn't! Anyways, moving swiftly on, here is our second styling note on how to dress for your shape. I hope you find it interesting!

Second up: Mrs Inverted Triangle

Ok, so the name isn't as glam-sounding as the hourglass, but this shape is actually pretty fashion-friendly, if you consider the strong shoulders, narrow hips and slim legs... whilst not all cuts of clothes look nice on an inverted triangle, this is a shape which can rock a slim denim or an assymetric dress like no other. Remember this is the shape of a lot of models, so it must work!

The objective here should be to create some balance in the silhouette, so as to create the illusion of a waist, by accentuating the hips, so if you're an inverted triangle, whatever the pears and hourglasses should run away from are your go-to pieces.

What works?
- Good tailoring
- Skinny trousers
- Neckline detailing
- Peplums, harems, and tulip skirts (yes, anything that the others shouldn't get anywhere near to!)

What doesn't?
- Anything boxy up top that will make your top half look bigger
- Big accessories are great, but not close to your neckline
- Shoulder pads and embellishments (this hopefully needs no explanation)

Here are a few picks currently available in the shops:

Jacket: Zadig & Voltaire Leather-Trim Cardi
Love this leather-trimmed cardi, the waterfall neckline bring the eyes in, away from the shoulders, and the round hem brings attention to the hips.

Evening dress: D&G Lace Chiffon Dress
This super feminine dress will enhance your hips with its layers of chiffon lace and create the illusion of a smaller waiste with the little bow in the middle. Lock your hubbies ladies! 

Top:  By Malene Birger Blouse
Again some nice fluff around the neckline will balance the whole silhouette, remember to add a little cami under to avoid flashing too much flesh though (or not, I'm not judging!)

Trousers: J Brand 901 Snake Leggings
I would kill to be able to rock these babies but let's face it, unless you're blessed with long and skinny legs, better give these a miss. On an inverted triangle however, they look absolutely fabulous... (yes, that's me, green with envy)

Skirt: Topshop Flannel Skirt
Focus on the hips with this skater shape skirt, in my view more forgiving than a bubble skirt... love the fabric on this one.

Bag: Balenciaga Papier Basket Tote
One way to balance out large-ish shoulders is to invest in a gorgeous big handbag. The bigger the better. Try not to overload it though to avoid ending up with a broken back!

To my inverted triangle readers, what do you think ladies, any good?

(Shape illustration borrowed from the Channel 4 website once again)

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