Dressing for your shape: a new series

I often hear people sniggering about how frivolous fashion magazines are, and, whilst it is generally true that rarely will you find a magazine discussing world peace or cancer research with much credibility, a lot of credit should go to them: they are entertaining, provide great insight on trends, are a wonderful communication tool for the fashion and beauty industries, and most importantly they do help readers in self-improvement. Of course I'm not talking crazy fad diets or random career advice here, more beauty and styling tips, and, of course, how to style for different shapes and ages issues.

For me, it all goes back to a French teenager magazine I read about 15 years ago, aptly called Jeune et Jolie (translated into Young and Pretty, yes I know, that's not very diversity friendly is it?), where they did this issue about four different body shapes and how to style in each case. I can still remember the pictures and even some of the looks. It's silly how some features will be with you for years after you've read them, whilst others you forget the instant you turn the page.

One of my readers suggested I write a few styling tips about this topic so here goes, my attempt at what works for each shape... I'll be using the Channel 4 Body Shapes (you can determine your shape by clicking here), which are diverse enough to encompass most of the shapes around (whilst also look pretty good!) and trying to come up with ideas on what I think works and doesn't for each shape, as well as some shopping ideas.

Stay tuned!


madeco said...

Thank you for this post : shape is very important. I read "Jeune et Jolie" too when I was young !

LittleS said...

Thanks madeco! I think it's essential to know how to dress for your shape!