Five essential handbag shapes for every girl (Part 1)

When it comes to bags, I consider myself a bit of a specialist... Hubby Dearest would say I have a hopeless addiction. Tomahto, tomaeto, same thing really! But what this means is that I've been able to wittle down the absolute essential list of handbag shapes a girl must own, whether it's in the form of a heirloom piece that will be passed down to her daughter or a splurge of the moment buy that will only work one or two seasons, there are a few shapes which are musts!

1. The top-handle: This is an absolute must-have, you can dress it up or down, take it from the office to a girlie brunch, and back... You can go for a very structured shape, such as the Hermès Kelly Sellier (that's not the one in the picture, the one below is called a Retourné) to a very slouchy one such as the Darel 24 Heures. It really depends on your style and your mood of the day. You can go for a very neutral colour if you like a versatile piece, or if you wear mostly monochrome colours why not mix it up a bit with a popping colour? The Amazona from Loewe is the one I'm currently eyeing... love the structure and the quality!

2. The hobo: This is the ultimate hands-free bag, it is also every mamma's best friend. Try navigating an airport whilst juggling a baby with his accessories (bottle, a toy or two, shoe that fell off at security, a muslin cloth), a couple of passports, and a top-handle bag: it's a nightmare; whilst with a hobo it almost feels easy (almost being the important word here). My personal favourites are the Gucci Jackie, and the Bottega Veneta Veneta.

3. The tote: Another hard-working bag... there are so many totes out there it's difficult to pick my favourites. You can buy a tote from as little as £5 or as much as £10,000, and it will carry your books, a change of shoes, or serve as a market tote to haul your fresh veggies. It's also the ideal beach bag, and the perfect nappy bag (I haven't bought a specific one when Monsieur Baby arrived, simply adapted my totes). As you may have found out I love the Hermès Birkin and the Céline Luggage, but I'm also partial to my Goyard St Louis which fit so comfortably on the shoulder!

That's it for Part 1 of this blog entry, I promise I will try and write Part 2 today, time permitting! In the meanwhile, remember, it's all about the shape and quality details, not the price! Just because a bag costs a few months worth of mortgage payments doesn't mean it's beautiful or useful, and similarly there are some truly wonderful finds in the high street!

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