Holiday celebrations with a personal touch

Here is a thought, this year, how about making the holiday celebrations a bit more personal than usual... Forget the off-the-rack garland and the bulk-buy greeting cards, here are some fabulous places to go to to make your holidays truly your own.

Up first, holiday cards! I love charity greeting cards for my business holiday wishes, but for family cards I'm in love with picture cards, although I squirm at the thought of what MoonPig, Kodak and the likes have to offer in that area: tacky, ugly, and unfunny are just three of the words that come to mind.

Instead, my go-to place is the US-based TinyPrints, which has hundreds of amazing designs and the most user-friendly interface you can imagine for uploading your pictures and changing the messages on cards. I love their preppy designs and colour schemes! Also for all of us European girls they have a Swiss-based printing facility which means ordering online for delivery outside of the US is super easy and delivery is quick! Compared to ordering ready-made picture cards from a professional photographer this is a very recession-friendly alternative, if you arm yourself with patience and a camera equipped with a good enough delayed self-portrait feature... or just incorporate some of your best vacation pictures!
Order here: http://www.tinyprints.com/

Next go-to place for special holiday goodies is NotOnThe HighStreet.Com. This fabulous website was launched with a view to bring small creators and shops to the UK customers, offering special and often hard-to-find goodies... I love that you can search their website by the "Can be personalised" category, and find this cute Message Tree Decoration or this Personalised Gift Sack (handy for those of use who don't really like seeing a pile of gifts on the floor!). I think I'll order this Customised Christmas Stocking for Monsieur Baby... love the reindeer pattern!
Order here: notonthehighstreet.com

Another place I love to hang out in around the holidays is the Martha Stewart website. It's full of ideas and how-tos from decorations to centerpieces to delicious recipes. The one thing I say is some recipes are a bit simplified so make sure you try to make them ahead of the big day to see if they are edible! I adore her wreath and garland ideas, and this year I can't wait to try out her gilded pears centerpiece for my holiday table.
Check out her website here: http://www.marthastewart.com/

VoilĂ , a few of my go-tos for making the holiday celebrations a bit more me and a bit less bought... How about you? Any fabulous ideas for me?

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