Monday's Matches lust-have item

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all having a not too miserable start of the week, and that today's drab weather isn't weighing down too much on your morale! If it is, please allow me to try and warm up your thoughts at least for a few moments: let me introduce today's gorgeous and totally drool-worthy lust-have from the clever people at Matches...

You know my love for a bit of fur come winter (I'm not as delusional as some starlets who wear fur coats in the middle of September in Manhattan), and although Hubby Dearest complains that there are way too many furry jackets and gilets living in my closet, I think I will just have to order this one. It looks so soft and toasty, I'm sure it will feel just like being hugged by a big cuddly bunny.. It's by Marc by Marc Jacobs. Need I say more?

Buy it here: Marc by Marc Jacobs gilet at Matches

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